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Agriculture Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS)

The term Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) is used to describe the whole knowledge exchange system, including the ways people and organisations interact within a country or a region. AKIS can include farming practices, research, etc. as well as interactions with businesses and authorities; it can vary a lot, depending on the country or the sector. When developing new AKIS, technical, organisational, and social dimensions should be considered (a “systems approach”); this helps bridge the gap between science and practice.

AKIS as a system links people and organisations to promote mutual learning and to generate, share, and utilise agriculture-related technology, knowledge, and information. It considers diverse actors from the private, public, and non-profit sectors relating to agriculture, such as farmers, cooperatives, researchers, universities, public and private advisors, supply chain actors, students, youth groups, and other actors in the agricultural sector (EIP-AGRI, Brochure on Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems, 2018).