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03 June
Summer School for Agri-Intermediaries 3-7 June 2024

The Field of Action 4- Scaling up, of the GRAPE project focuses on sharing of knowledge and transferring proven CRA practices and approaches practiced via the project to relevant stakeholders beyond the project location. The objective of the Summer School is to transfer knowledge and skills on proven Climate Resilient Agriculture practices and approaches to agri-intermediaries, mainly NGOs working in the agriculture sector.

The summer school is a 5-day program that offers sessions on specific topics in an interactive format consisting of lectures and practical sessions. The sessions will be facilitated by GRAPE partners who have hands-on experience in practicing CRA approaches and practices.


29 January
GRAPE Webinar #5-Organic farming
Join us on January 29th for GRAPE Webinar #5
Gain insights into sustainable agri ecosystems, resilient value chains, and share knowledge with agri-enthusiasts like you. Don't miss out!
12 December
Webinar on Sustainable Sourcing and Green Supply Chain
Join us as we explore sustainable sourcing and Green Supply Chain in our upcoming webinar series on Green Marketing.
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Passcode: 769294
Webinar ID: 898 4064 0169
04 December
GRAPE Webinar #4- Agro-ecological pest management

Let's dive deep into the world of agro-ecological Pest Management and Carrot Psyllids—tiny insects affecting carrot crops and coping strategies

21 November
GRAPE Webinar #3 - Underutilized crops
Join us for the GRAPE Webinar Series!
Explore insights from Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), and GRAPE partner university, with talks by Prof. Jarkko Niemi and Shiva Chandra Dhakal on underutilized crops in Nepal.
Don't miss out on this enlightening session! Scan to join.
07 November
Green Marketing Webinar
Uncover the insights of Green Consumers with us in our greenmarketing webinar!
Join as we analyze their behavior and choices to shape a more sustainable marketing landscape.
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01 November
Hasera, Kavre
GRAPE students' exchange programme

The programme provides co-learning for the students, 
provides opportunities for universities to collaborate, and 
aims at imparting practical knowledge on natural resource 
management, climate resilient agriculture, et al.

The programme takes place on November 1–6, 2023.