2-day Citrus Orchard Management training in Jorayal and Badikedar

22 Mar, 2024
42 farmers from Doti district, 21 each from Jorayal and Badikedar, recently participated in a comprehensive 2-day Citrus Orchard Management training, supported by the GRAPE. With a focus on enhancing both the quality and quantity of fruit production, the training underscored the importance of integrating climate-resilient practices into fruit cultivation.
Identifying Jorayal and Badikedar as prime locales for Citrus farming, the training initiative aimed to capitalize on their potential. Participants were equipped with essential knowledge spanning various facets of citrus farming, including orchard establishment, climatic considerations, selection of improved varieties, transplantation techniques, and optimal management of manure and irrigation.
Additionally, farmers received guidance on intercultural operations, the advantages of mulching, strategies for managing citrus decline, disease and pest control measures, and effective post-harvest management and marketing techniques. Notably, farmers were also instructed in the preparation and application of Bordo-paste and mixtures for pest and disease control.