Khumaltar, Lalitpur

IKI Small Grants and GRAPE Networking and Learning Event in Kathmandu

12 Dec, 2023
In a joint commitment to climate resilience, the Networking and Learning Event was recently organized in Kathmandu by the IKI Small Grants and the Green Resilient Agricultural Productive Ecosystems (GRAPE) programme.
The networking event underscored GRAPE's commitment in addressing climate challenges, strengthening networks, and fostering transformative partnerships; thereby strengthening Agricultural and Knowledge Innovation Systems (AKIS). As part of this enriching experience, the 11 IKI grant recipients had insight into the Community of Practice on Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA) and a visit to the ICIMOD Living Mountain Lab in Godavari.
Together, we journey towards a sustainable and climate-resilient future, strengthening the ecosystem and amplifying impactful practices.