Khumaltar, Lalitpur

Municipal level dialogue addressing climate challenges

17 Oct, 2023
A municipal-level dialogue addressing climate challenges, impacts on agriculture, and the pivotal role of stakeholders was conducted across GRAPE’s working municipalities. Stakeholders, ranging from municipal executives and local representatives to leading farmers, NGOs/INGOs specializing in agroecology, cooperatives, banks, and private sectors, actively participated.
They engaged in constructive discussions aimed at mitigating these challenges through effective action plans, with expectations for interventions in policies, adaptation strategies, and the adoption of technology within local communities. Key challenges identified encompassed altered rainfall patterns, decreased water resources, the incidence of new insect pests and diseases, extinction of indigenous crops, altered cropping times, and increased natural disasters.
 In addressing these challenges, commitments from stakeholders included:
Crop diversification 
Establishment of gene banks 
Increased support for farmers 
Adoption of climate-friendly tech 
Collaboration for climate awareness