Off-Seasonal vegetable production under plastic house and low tunnel (Gumbos) technology training and support

28 Mar, 2024
Aiming to empower vegetable growing farmers adapt to climate challenges with optimizing agricultural outcomes, a 3-day training on climate-resilient off-seasonal vegetable farming was conducted in Dadeldhura supported by the GRAPE.
A team of 20 farmers along with 5 Municipal Agriculture Coordinators (MACs) participated in a comprehensive learning experience that integrated theoretical instruction with hands-on application. The training covered the key aspects, including climate resilient agriculture (CRA) measures/practices, general insights to off-season vegetable production techniques, nursery management for off-season vegetable production, transplantation of seedlings, organic means and techniques of pest and disease management under plastic houses/Gumbos, harvesting off-seasonal vegetables, identifying fruit maturity stages, selecting varieties considering market demand, incorporating post-harvest technologies, as well as storage, marketing, and communication.
During practical session at field, participants constructed a wooden/bamboo plastic house and Gumbos with fixing the Zig-zag profiling to construct the plastic house along with laying out of drip set for irrigation under plastic houses. This initiative reflected their commitment to applying sustainable farming practices and adapting to the challenges posed by climate variations in their farming communities. As a result, all 20 participants have already constructed the plastic houses and planted Cucumber and Zucchini under their plastic houses.