Khumaltar, Lalitpur

Training on climate-resilient off-seasonal vegetable farming in Surkhet

12 Oct, 2023
With the aim of empowering farmers to adapt to climate challenges while optimizing agricultural outcomes, a 3-day training on climate-resilient off-seasonal vegetable farming was conducted in Surkhet, supported by the GRAPE programme. A group of 25 farmers participated in a comprehensive learning experience that integrated theoretical instruction with hands-on application.
The training covered key aspects, including Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA) measures, general insights into off-seasonal vegetable farming, nursery management, and the transplantation of seedlings under polyhouses. Topics extended to harvesting off-seasonal vegetables, identifying fruit maturity stages, selecting varieties considering market dynamics, incorporating post-harvest technologies, as well as storage, marketing, and communication.
In the field, the farmers also collaborated to construct a bamboo plastic house and installed drip irrigation. This initiative reflected their commitment to applying sustainable farming practices and adapting to the challenges posed by climate variations.