Enterprise Resilience: Fostering Nepal's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Nepal’s economic story is one of transformation. From its agrarian past, nestled in 
Himalayan isolation, the nation embraced the 1990s democratic shift and plunged into 
the globalizing world. Recognizing the potential of entrepreneurship, Nepal now seeks 
to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem that fuels prosperity, jobs, and innovation. This thriving 
landscape promises a diverse tapestry of goods, services, and opportunities, enriching 
lives and driving inclusive growth. For policymakers, it’s a strategic imperative, to diversify the economy and build resilience. But beyond the practicalities, entrepreneurship resonates with the human spirit, the innate desire to create and contribute. By nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship, Nepal can unlock its true potential, weaving a future that is not just economically vibrant but ethically sound, empowering individuals, and securing a sustainable legacy for generations to come.