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Soil Solarization training for farming households in Himali, Bajura

As part of the GRAPE project, 30 farming households in Himali, Bajura have received a training on soil solarization – an innovative method of treating soil to control pests and diseases.

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Apple Orchard Management training in Swami Kartik Khapar, Bajura

With the aim of improving apple production in the region and thereby supporting the growth of the local economy, 26 farming households in Swamikartik Khapar, Bajura were recently trained in apple

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CRA was discussed by ICIMOD and a delegation of German politicians

The GRAPE program brought their partner ICIMOD together with a delegation of German members of parliament to discuss climate resilient agriculture (CRA).

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Neftalk in Karnali Province

The GRAPE project partnered with Nepal Economic Forum to discuss building Karnali as an Organic Province in a recent Neftalk.

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Province level multi-stakeholder interaction

Together with the Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperative (#MoLMAC)of Karnali Province the GRAPE project organized a province-level multi-stakeholder interaction workshop on the promotion of Climate Resilient and organic agriculture. In the presence of the Hon’able Minister of MoLMAC of Karnali Province, participants discussed the presence of pesticides in different Zones. They also debated on proposed support and inspection mechanism to be steered by municipalities, which would aim at supporting the transition to an organic province.

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Exposure visit to Sikkim, a northeastern Indian state

A six-day exposure visit to Sikkim, a Northeastern Indian state emerging as a pioneer in organic farming, was organized by ICIMOD under the GRAPE project. 

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Capacitating training for dialogue facilitators in Karnali and Sudurpaschim

Two 3-days training capacitating dialogue facilitators from GRAPE partner municipalities in Karnali and Sudurpaschim provinces was conducted in the past weeks.

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Panel discussion on inter-university collaboration, Sudurpashchim, Nepal

We organised a Panel discussion on inter-university collaboration for innovative research and education in Sudurpashchim Province, Nepal.

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A 3-day training on green resilient agriculture in Thakurdwara, Bardiya

A 3-day training on green resilient agriculture (GRA) was held in Thakurdwara, Bardiya, in the first and second weeks of December. As part of the GRA training, participants visited Madhuban Rural Municipality in Amarpur, Bardiya, to observe how the indigenous Tharu communities are adapting their agricultural practices to the changing climate.

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