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Inter-municipal dialogue stimulating an open conversation on LED issues

A 2-day inter-municipal dialogue stimulating an open conversation on Local Economic Development (LED) issues, challenges and solutions was organized by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA) in Lumbini Sanskritik municipality.

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The resilient solutions conference and expo

A conference organized by ICIMOD and supported by GRAPE under the title “Unlocking Innovations and Investments for Green Mountain Economies” earlier this week hosted Mayors, Deputy Mayors, and Ward Chairs from GRAPE partner municipalities as well as key actors from the Hindu Kush Himalaya region.

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An entrepreneur with a disability was supported to commercialise the production of poultry

Pawan Pasupanchi and Badel Farm, an entrepreneur with disability was supported to commercialize the production of a local poultry

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Partnership-building workshop at ICIMODs Godavari knowledge park

The Green Resilient Agricultural Productive Ecosystems (GRAPE) project organized a partnership-building workshop with all implementing partners at ICIMODs #GodavariKnowledgePark last week.

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GRAPE started setting up agricultural research sites in Karnali province.

The GRAPE started setting up agricultural research sites in Karnali province.

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Economic Development Strategy for “prosperous and developed Siddharthanagar”

As part of the Local and Regional Economic Development (LRED) approach applied by GRAPE, five municipalities in Lumbini Province are currently receiving support in drafting their economic development strategies.

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Diagnostic workshops on the last Business Climate Survey

The GRAPE project organized diagnostic workshops on the last Business Climate Survey (BCS) in eight sub-metropolitan cities and municipalities.

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Science fair for students in ICIMOD Knowledge Park

GRAPE project focuses on scaling-up of sustainable and climate-resilient approaches also through awareness events targeting school students, networking and exchange events like the Science fair that ICIMOD recently hosted.

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Three EDS workshops were organized for Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City,

The LPED/GRAPE project facilitates the development of municipal Economic Development Strategies (EDS) as part of ongoing efforts to improve the framework conditions for local economic development.

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